The Best Topics for a Motivational Speech


Being an excellent speaker requires much effort. Attracting the attention of other people is challenging. A motivational speech is one of the most interesting and difficult types to deal with. You should influence people and keep them interested to the very end of the speech. If you are not sure whether you can make a great motivational sphere, you got to the right page. We will give you pieces of advice and offer a wide wide range of expository topics. Keep on reading!

Firstly, let’s dive into the definition and get acquainted with the peculiarities of a motivational speech.

What Is a Motivational Speech?

A motivational speech inspires other people. The speech aims to motivate people to improve the lives or the environment. You should inspire people to do certain actions. A motivational speech can have any length. It should persuade people to positively change their lives. It is not an easy task, even for a politician or professional speaker. If you are not an expert in delivering speeches, you don’t need to worry. If you know the speech structure, you can easily apply it to any topic.

The Structure of a Motivational Speech

Let’s have a closer look at the key components of a powerful motivational speech. It will help you attract listeners’ attention to a specific problem and find a solution for it. Usually, the structure of a motivational speech includes:


It needs to grab the listeners’ attention immediately. Add interesting facts or statistical data concerning your problem.


In this part, be more detailed. Explain your point of view, give supportive arguments and evidence. Real-life examples are the best illustration for such speech.


It is a call-to-action part of the speech. It should be brief but inspiring.

Tips on Making a Motivational Speech

If you don’t have any idea about delivering a great motivational speech, here are our pieces of advice. Stick to our simple tips and create an awesome inspiring speech.

Get the audiences’ attention

A hook in the intro is the key to the speech’s success. You can use anything like jokes, quotes, or facts. They should be relevant to the topic and up-to-date. Don’t worry about the time limits for your intro, and it can take up to five minutes.

Demonstrate the necessity

After you demonstrated an issue and the necessity for solving it, suggest a few solutions to your listeners. They have to understand your point of view. Make sure you explained it clearly and supported it with the relevant evidence. Be ready for disproving counterarguments.

Involve different scenarios

While describing the possible scenarios, include as many details as possible. Present both the pros and cons of each scenario. But pay the most attention to highlighting the bright future from applying the suggested solution. But make sure not to overdo otherwise. Your listeners won’t trust you.

Inspire your audience

Explain to your audience certain steps they need to take to solve an issue. Give yourself enough time for it, depending on the topic. Show your audience that implementing your plan is real, and it will lead to positive consequences. A call to action, in the end, will be a cherry on top.

40+ Best Topics for a Motivational Speech

Now that you know how to write an inspirational speech, you have to pick a great topic. We offer you a list of more than 40 topics. We divided them into several categories for your convenience.

Motivational Speech Topics for Young People

  1. Success is a long-time journey.
  2. What to do with your life?
  3. Where do you get the motivation to pursue your goals?
  4. How to improve your confidence?
  5. Don’t lose yourself while trying to be like someone else.
  6. Why is time so precious?
  7. Victory vs Success
  8. How to be a winner in life?
  9. The challenge of being flexible and open-minded in the rapidly developing world.

Motivational Speech Topics About Environment

  1. How to reduce the human influence on endangered species?
  2. Easy everyday things that positively change your influence on the environment.
  3. How changing shopping habits reduces the environmental impact?
  4. How to help children build close contact with nature.
  5. New ways of recycling waste.
  6. The advantages of electronic cars.
  7. How can living in a paperless society improve the environmental situation?
  8. How to encourage an environmentally friendly lifestyle?

Motivational Speech Topics About Education

  1. The advantages of studying in intercultural environments.
  2. Why is lifelong self-improvement significant?
  3. Why should everybody have access to a college education?
  4. The significance of professional self-improvement.
  5. How can schools without homework be beneficial?
  6. What determines your professional success?
  7. Should entertain be equally important to work?
  8. Is the school curriculum efficient?
  9. Finnish educational system: key advantages.

Motivational Speech Topics About Business

  1. How to start a retail business?
  2. Great ways to save money for starting your own business.
  3. How can a business survive during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. The significance of teamwork in business.
  5. Excellent ideas for business to get started.
  6. How to recover from your business failure?
  7. What skills are the most demanded in a modern job market?
  8. Core features of a successful startup.
  9. Persistence is the key to success in business.

Motivational Speech Topics About Success

  1. Why losing is more important than succeeding?
  2. The stories of five people who changed the world.
  3. How to change your character but preserve individuality?
  4. The traits of a modern leader: how to inspire others to follow you?
  5. How can patience lead you to success?
  6. How to make the most use of difficulties?

We hope that using our pieces of advice, and you will be able to deliver a great speech. But if you still are not sure whether you can do it, you can easily order professional speech writing help.

What is the greatest motivational speech of all times?

It is difficult to pick the greatest one among all the inspiring speeches. But there are speeches considered the most influential. One of them was delivered by Jim Carrey at the 2014 MUM Graduation. Besides, we can mention the speech of J. K. Rowling at the Harvard Commencement.

What are the best topics for a speech?

The best topics are the ones' speaker is interested in. It helps pick the most effective and persuasive words to encourage the audience. This is the very first thing to consider while selecting the best topic.

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