How To Title An Essay: Pieces Of Advice And 60+ Samples


A title defines the success of the whole piece you are working on. Do you want to know how to make the audience read your piece till the end? You are in the right place. We provide a detailed guide on writing a perfect headline for an essay or any other writing. We also suggest a list of great titles to pick one from. The aim of this article is to describe the main rules of creating an outstanding title. Let’s get started.

Why Is a Great Title Significant?

People don’t pay attention to something boring and ordinary. It pertains to the essay headline, too. A headline may make your essay fail or pass. It is the very first point the audience sees. And after that, they decide to read or not to read your essay. Just imagine how many excellent essays didn’t receive the attention they deserved because of the bland title. So, you aim to interest your readers. Having a memorable headline is significant.

We often underestimate the power of the title. An ordinary one doesn’t promise much success in your whole work. Take picking a title seriously.

You also need to realize that great titles for an essay and dissertation or research paper are absolutely diverse. An essay aims to draw attention and make an impression on the audience. A dissertation, research paper are about solving existing issues.

How to Create an Original Headline for an Essay?

Firstly, let’s dig into the peculiarities of essay headlines. Before you look for the headline ideas, let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of a perfect title should possess:

The Central Characteristics of a Great Essay Title

  • Engaging. It may be obvious, but the informative function is not the key one. Attracting the potential audience is the main goal of a great title. Make your readers want to read till the end.
  • Reader-friendly. A headline also prepares the readers for further content. Ensure they realize what the whole piece will deal with after seeing your title.
  • Reasonable. Many writers try to present the title as attractive but it is a mistake. Don’t run away from the facts. Crafting your title an obvious lie won’t make your article successful.
  • Brief. Too long titles may confuse the audience. You have only a few seconds to interest your potential readers. We are going to discuss the perfect title length later. Make sure you don’t use too many conjunctions, prepositions, etc. Each word in a title is significant.
  • Precise. Inexact headlines are inadmissible for any topic and essay type. Intriguing your audience is great but don’t overdo it.
  • Written in the active voice. Passive voice is unacceptable as this shows your incompetence right away.

Here Are the Ways to Write a Great Headline for Your Essay

  • Make a subheading for each paragraph. It may sound unnecessary, but it really works. Making interesting subheadings will organize your writing and make your piece look logical.
  • The headline should deliver the subject of the text. Pick a headline that sums up the essay.
  • Use capital letters for all the words except for articles, prepositions, etc.
  • The colon makes your headline more logical. Begin with a hook, give more details after the colon.
  • Don’t underline or bolden unless it is required. This is a bad way to catch the attention. Moreover, it can lead to getting a lower grade. A great title will be noticed without any attractions.
  • Check your title for grammatical mistakes and typos.

How to Brainstorm the Title Ideas Effectively?

These techniques work when you already tried everything and still can’t come up with a title. They are also great if you are short of time.

Summarize the subheadings.

Creating a subheading that carries the main idea of each paragraph is extremely useful. It is great not only for essay structure but also for faster producing a title. You just need to wrap up the main ideas into one, and that’s all.

Three words

Ask yourself, “How can I show the central idea of my essay in several words?” Two or three will be enough. Then add a catchy element and your ideal title is ready.

Tips on Picking the Most Excellent Essay Title

Crafting a headline is not an easy process. Be ready to face some challenges. But if you take into account the next tips, the process will take less time and effort.

Do the hardest work first

Don’t begin with a title! It is a big mistake most learners make. Firstly, write the whole essay. Edit and review it until it is perfect. And only then move on to crafting a title. Starting with a title is quite risky. It can simply be irrelevant to the work or cover another aspect. Don’t mislead and upset your readers. Read the completed paper several times to define the title.

Mind the style

The style of your title should match the style of your headline. If you are covering a serious issue, no humor is acceptable. And if your issue is lighter, you are free to add entertaining elements. The tone of your headline can be:

  • Serious – the impact of the greenhouse effect
  • Funny – the reasons why people hate rap music
  • Amiable – how do meditations help reduce stress
  • Persuasive – Why soft skills are necessary in the modern world
  • Informative – 8 rules you should follow while doing sports

Utilize the thesis

The title and thesis are the two most related things. Single out the main keyword in your thesis statement and place it in your title (of course, you can rephrase it). If there is a connection, the whole paper looks more organized and well-thought.

Be brief and straightforward

You don’t need to present the whole essay in the title or give all the details. Just sum up in a few words. Think you are working on an article headline for a press or a catchword for a famous company.

Utilize keywords

Define the main keywords and build a title of them. Stop wasting your time.

SEO can assist you

SEO is a great tool for creating a great title. Single out the words connected with the key idea. Search for these words on Google just adding the word “quote.” You will find lots of pages with helpful quotes. Pick the one you like the most, and your creative title is ready.

Define what kind of title will meet the peculiarities of your essay.

There are three types of titles depending on their goals.

  • Declarative. It includes the key conclusion or outcome.
  • Descriptive. It describes the subject but doesn’t sum up anything.
  • Interrogative. This type is presented in the form of a question.

Consider your target readers.

Think of people who your essay is for. Note some groups of people engaged in your topic.

  • If it is an assignment from school or college, your audience is experts in your sphere. You need to stick to formal language and a serious tone.
  • If you are crafting an essay for online readers, you need to follow another strategy. Your title should be catchy and original so that the target readers could notice your essay. You can use such phrases as “for beginners” or “a complete guide.” In this case, you can use a playful tone.

Find the most suitable approach to your audience is also significant. You can turn your interactions with the audience into an individual writing style.

Look through your sources

Look for quotations in the sources you utilized to support your ideas. Pick something extraordinary and thought-provoking. Make sure to include the quotation marks if you used words of another author. This rule applies to the titles, too.

Consider the requirements

Various disciplines have different rules for titles. Get acquainted with the requirements not to get lower marks. However, some universal rules apply to any writing:

  • Words should begin with an uppercase letter (unless it is an article, etc.).
  • If you use a colon, the first word after it should also start with an uppercase letter.
  • The titles of books, films, etc., should be italicized.
  • If you know your formatting style (like ASA, APA), get acquainted with the requirements for titles.
  • Never use slang or jargon.

Give the second life to the well-known phrases

Popular funny or just catchy phrases attract the readers immediately. It can even be a slogan from an advertisement redone in an interesting title.

Questions always work

If nothing comes to your mind, think of one question your piece answers. What would it be? There are many options for utilizing questions in headlines:

  • If you want to be informative, begin with question words like When or Where.
  • If you give arguments or explain the process, choose How or Why.

Questions boost the chances to be noticed, especially on the Internet.

Great and Bad essay headlines comparison

Here are a few examples of great and not so good titles. We are going to explain the main differences between them.

Not so good: How did social media change the modern world? – Too broad and informative.

Good: The phenomenon of fast fashion influenced by social networks – Presents a definite description of an essay topic.

Not so good: The most dangerous insect – No clear idea. The reader is not prepared.

Good: The most dangerous insects in South Asia. – More straightforward.

Not so good: An overview of environmental problems and how they can be prevented in the contemporary world. – Too long.

Good: Recycling is an effective way to protect the environment. – More informative and concise

Not so good titles don’t give the audience enough perspective to continue reading. They are often too general and look sketchy. Let’s pay more attention to the common mistakes to avoid.

Common mistakes

Now that you know what you should do let’s talk about what you shouldn’t do. There are common mistakes students make while trying to come up with a great title.

  • Touching the negative topics, unethical issues.
  • Including personal negative experience.
  • Asking irrelevant questions.
  • Writing in a personal manner.
  • Not following the professor’s requirements.

We hope our pieces of advice were useful for creating a perfect title. You can also find inspiration in our list. Check out our list of ideal titles below.

Over 60 Examples of Essay titles

Here are examples of excellent essay titles. They are ready-to-use, but you are free to change them. They will definitely catch the attention of every reader.

Argumentative Essay Titles

  1. Fighting Anorexia is a Social Issue.
  2. Death Penalty Should be in All Countries.
  3. The Most Corrupted Countries in the World.
  4. The Best Age to Get the Voting Right
  5. English is not the Easiest language for Learning
  6. Does Alcohol Destroy Human Body?
  7. The Disadvantages of the US Education System for International Students.
  8. Legalization of Prostitution in the US
  9. Why are Diets a Threat for Teenagers?
  10. Teenage Abortion is the Result of no Sex Education
  11. Plastic Surgery as a Danger for Modern Society
  12. Should University Education Be Available to Everyone?
  13. Are Prisons Effective?
  14. Marriage is Getting Old-Fashioned.
  15. It is a Bad Idea to Invest in Nuclear Power.
  16. Video Games Encourage Teenage Violence.
  17. Why is Consumerist Society Negative?
  18. How did Social networks Change the Way People Communicate?
  19. Governments Should Ban Genetically Modified Food.
  20. Is the Climate Really Changing?
  21. Money Can Buy Happiness.
  22. How to Prevent Third World War?
  23. The Role of Physical Education in School.
  24. Effective Ways to Control Alcohol Usage.
  25. Should Energetic Drinks be Banned for Teenagers?
  26. Gun Control as an Effective Way To Control the Crime Rate.
  27. Pros and Cons of Capitalism.
  28. Technological Advancements and their Impact on Modern Society.

Persuasive Essay Titles

  1. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Alternative Medicine
  2. Social Media as a Cause of Violence in Society.
  3. The Influence of Capitalism on Developing Societies
  4. Illegal Immigrants are a Problem for the US
  5. The Age to Watch Horror Films Should Be Higher.
  6. The Use of Video Games as an Effective Education method
  7. Hiring a Person who has Tattoos and Piercing is a Challenge.
  8. The Pros and Cons of Wearing School Uniform.
  9. Protecting Animal Rights.
  10. Testing Medications and Cosmetics on Animals
  11. How Women Destroy Themselves to Correspond to Beauty Standards.
  12. Children Should Have Less Homework At School.
  13. How did Beauty Standards Change The Normal Perception of the Human Body?
  14. The Negative Consequences of Being Rich.
  15. The Significance of Recycling for Saving the Environment.
  16. How to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media?
  17. Restrictions in the Freedom of Speech.
  18. Is the Sportsmen’s Income Unreasonably High?
  19. Is the Existence of Aliens Real?
  20. Do Modern People Rely Too Much on Technology?
  21. Should Censorship be Present on the Internet too?
  22. Governments Should Prohibit Intersexual Marriages.
  23. How to Encourage Students in Charity?
  24. How Can Small Business Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  25. Is Outsourcing a Positive or Negative Phenomenon?
  26. School vs. Online Education.
  27. Urbanization is Changing our Social Lives.

Creative Essay Titles

  1. The Appropriate Age for Sex Education.
  2. Is Paying Children for Good Grades Effective?
  3. Working Parenting Methods for Modern Children.
  4. What is an Appropriate Age to Have a Personal Computer?
  5. The Divergences between Dialects in the English Language.
  6. What Would Superman Do in the Modern World?
  7. What Cartoons have a Bad Impact on Children?
  8. Is the Internet going to Replace Television?
  9. How has Globalization Changed during the last 10 Years?
  10. The Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on Fashion.
  11. E-Commerce – A Modern Business Empire.
  12. Is Starting a Retail Business Reasonable in 2021?
  13. How to Improve your Security on the Internet?
  14. The Main Rules of Digital Etiquette.
  15. When will People be Able to live on Other Planets?

Catchy Essay Titles

  1. Prisons and Zoos: Similarities and Differences.
  2. Homeless People in the US Society.
  3. News Reporters or Social Media. Who do you Trust More?
  4. The Influence of Marijuana on Learning Capabilities.
  5. How Can Damage from Alcohol be Reduced?
  6. Is Peace Between North and South Korea Possible?
  7. How to Succeed in E-commerce Business?
  8. Raising Responsible Children is the Challenge for Parents.
  9. Is Time Travelling Possible?
  10. Effective Business Management Techniques for Remote Employees.

Here Are the Things to Keep in Mind While Crafting a Title

  • Stay brief and accurate.
  • Make sure you included the main keyword.
  • Attract the readers’ attention.
  • Make sure the title is relevant to the essay topic.
  • Check your headline for mistakes and typos.

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