Expository Essay Topics and Tips


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What Is an Expository Essay? Description and Structure

Firstly, let’s have a closer look at what an expository essay is. The word “expository” can be replaced by the word “explanatory” It is a genre that requires dwelling on something, interpreting and explaining it. It can also be an investigation of a certain subject, depending on the picked topic. The writer needs to provide objective arguments backed-up with facts.

When it comes to structure, an expository essay is quite straightforward. As a rule, it consists of five paragraphs:

  • Intro presents the key idea of your essay.
  • 3 body paragraphs are giving supporting proof for your opinion.
  • The conclusion gives your viewpoint concerning the facts shown in the body paragraphs.

Now that you are familiar with the structure, let’s examine the peculiarities of this type:

  • An understandable thesis statement in the introduction;
  • Logical transitions between the main components;
  • Different supportive facts in every body paragraph;
  • Supportive facts can include facts, statistics;
  • You should be creative and add a highlight to stand out among the others;
  • Conclusion should be linked to the thesis in the intro but readdressed concerning the given evidence.

Tips on Writing an Expository Essay to Make it Successful

Here are our universal pieces of advice for writing an awesome expository essay. They are applicable to any topic you pick. Pay attention to them while planning the writing process. They will make your writing simpler.

Outline the Structure

Firstly, define the structure of your expository essay. Our advice is, to begin with, the main paragraphs. You can waste time starting with an intro. Place your main thoughts into the paragraphs, and then create an original intro to them. If you understand the complete picture, you can imagine an original way to grab the readers’ attention. In the end, write a conclusion that will sum up your writing. It has to show that you know how to resolve the difficulty(it hinges on the topic and aim of your essay).

Pay Attention to the Thesis Statement

This is the most crucial part of the expository essay. Ensure your thesis statement gives your readers a definite idea of the issue to be discussed. It should be informative as well as involve your readers to read the whole essay. For instance, you are going to handle the problem of social media’s impact on eating habits. Your thesis statement can look like this:

“It is hard to imagine how many women have eating habits issues trying to get the perfect body they saw on social media. What are the reasons for this problem? Let’s find out together.

Make a Draft

After organizing your ideas, make the first plan of your expository essay. Be ready to adjust it a few times. A draft will help you spend your time wisely and organize how much information is really necessary.

Ask for Someone Else’s Opinion

Your expository essay may seem flawless to you, but it isn’t an objective opinion. Your essay may not be so ideal, especially if you spent much time writing it. Find a person who is competent enough to evaluate your essay. Or put it aside for a few days and then give it a new look. You will be surprised with how many mistakes you find in your essay. You can also utilize spell and grammar checkers to avoid typos and other common mistakes.

Pick the Right Topic

Dealing with any assignment is easier if you are engaged in it. Pick a topic you already know much or just want to know more about. If nothing comes to your mind, check out our list below.

Over 80 Topics for Expository Essays

Here is our list of great expository topics for students. To make the search easier, we divided them according to the spheres.

Social Topics for Expository Essay

  1. What consequences does social media addiction have on teenagers?
  2. Should teenage pregnancy be considered normal?
  3. Is the school uniform still actual?
  4. What teenage hobbies can lead to bad consequences?
  5. Why is tolerance in the workplace important?
  6. Double standards in modern society.
  7. Does gender inequality still take place at work?
  8. The importance of family in our life.
  9. The outcomes of alcohol addiction.
  10. Does charity work the way it should?
  11. How to decrease the influence of social networks.
  12. How did communication transform over the last 10 years?
  13. The causes for divorces in the US.

Ethical Topics

  1. Why should the death penalty be canceled?
  2. How to stop racist movements?
  3. How do you explain morality?
  4. Preventing bullying in educational institutions.
  5. Gun control and its consequences.
  6. Teenage pregnancy and its causes.
  7. Is preventing abortion effective?
  8. The attitude of society to interracial marriages.

Health Topics

  1. The results of healthy eating habits.
  2. The difference between fat and overweight.
  3. The harm of fast food on children.
  4. Should fast food be prohibited in school and college cafeterias?
  5. How to encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Why is AIDS a disease of poor countries?
  7. Do expressing emotions really help your health?
  8. The impact of mental state on memory.
  9. How does music influence our state of health?
  10. Why does the number of people with allergies increase?
  11. Factors that cause depression.
  12. Is it real to treat mental disorders by yourself?

Education Expository Essay Topics

  1. How to teach children to deal with money.
  2. Why is homework significant?
  3. The advantages of learning foreign languages.
  4. How does education influence people’s minds?
  5. The pros and cons of online education for adults/ teenagers/ children.
  6. How do social media impact learning capabilities?
  7. Which disciplines are unnecessary for school?
  8. The impact of college education on job opportunities.
  9. Is it real to get a great education at home?
  10. Is homeschooling effective for children/ teenagers?
  11. Comparison of private and public schools.

History Topics for Expository Essay

  1. The role of Math in Ancient World
  2. The influence of export on building the Chinese economy.
  3. How did Great Depression change the US economy?
  4. The importance of technical progress in world history.
  5. The specifics of Civil War.
  6. Why does communism still exist in several countries?
  7. John Kennedy and his influence on the US.
  8. Do totalitarian societies still exist in the 21st century?

Science and Technology Topics

  1. The influence of radio on the modern world.
  2. Physics in everyday life.
  3. Will people ever live on the Moon?
  4. Is time traveling real?
  5. The impact of Elon Musks’ inventions.
  6. How did iPhones revolutionize mobile technology?
  7. The influence of Artificial Intelligence on our lives.
  8. Why should people continue exploring space?

Personal Experience Topics

  1. Describe your first day at school.
  2. How did having a sibling influence your personality?
  3. How did having a pet change your life?
  4. What can you call your first success?
  5. What book would you recommend reading and why?
  6. Tell about your first love
  7. What is your biggest desire?
  8. If you were the US president, how would you improve in your country?
  9. What would you do if you were immortal?
  10. Which superpower would you like to have?
  11. Is living in a flat or a separate house convenient for you?
  12. Who is the person who changed your life?
  13. Would you like to be a musician?

Philosophy and Religion Topics

  1. How do you interpret the seven mortal sins?
  2. Is it real to live according to the 10 commandments in the 21st century?
  3. Main Philosophical dilemmas
  4. Proofs of God’s existence
  5. The relations between Religion and Science

We hope you found a great topic idea on our list. You can adjust the motivational topics suggested by us as you wish.

How to Choose the Best Expository Essay Topic?

Pick a topic you are interested in. It will make the process faster and easier. Ensure there is enough evidence from reliable sources to support your arguments.

What Are the Main Types of Expository Writing?

There are 5 main types of expository essays:

Descriptive. It describes a person, place, event, or situation.Process Essay. This one includes a detailed description of how to do something.Comparison Essay. It aims at singling out common and different things of two subjects.Cause and Effect. You need to explain an issue, the outcomes it brings.Problem or Solution. You describe a relevant issue, suggest the solutions for it.

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