How To Write A Social Studies Essay? Tips And Over 120 Topic Ideas

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Social studies is a relatively new concept developed by American scientists at the beginning of the 21st century. Now it is actively used around the world as well. This discipline is taught starting from pre-school age to 12th grade. It is a significant field that also consists of different levels. Its content adapts to the level of the social and intellectual development of students.

Social studies include numerous fields of study. Therefore the topics can be related to various subfields. This article offers a wide range of topics divided according to different subfields for your convenience. But before we move on to the list, let’s dive into the notion of social studies and the significance of this discipline.

What Is Social Studies and Why Is This Discipline Important?

In a nutshell, social studies is an educational discipline dedicated to different features of human society. Social studies are a unified and organized study of different social science aspects. It encompasses knowledge from over 10 areas of study.

This discipline has a high significance, and it is studied throughout a great period of time. Its aim is connected with educating young people to make wise and reasonable choices for the good of modern democratic society. Depending on the student’s age, this discipline has a different level of difficulty.

Tips on Writing a Social Studies Essay

Follow these pieces of advice while crafting your paper to save time and effort.

Consider the Specifics

Keep in mind that this area of study is multidisciplinary. While picking a research topic, define the disciplines it is connected with and what discipline will cover the most information on the chosen topic. But such peculiarity also has a benefit for students. The research process is even more engaging as you can investigate the topic from various angles. You can look through our ideas to get inspired and place them in the direction you want.

Make a Sources Overview Beforehand

You have to check the sources beforehand. If you are dealing with a controversial and complex topic, review the sources to realize whether you can cope with it at all. For example, if your subject is specific or not so popular, you can find only limited information from not so reliable sources. It is better to switch to something better or more general.

Follow the System

The writing process is not very much different from an ordinary assignment. Just ensure you follow all the steps you usually take, like planning, writing an intro, proofreading, etc.

Picking a Great Topic for Social Studies

While searching for an ideal topic, consider these points:

Mind Your Individual Preferences

Think of the area or particular topic you would like to know more about. This will be helpful anyway. If you are trying to come up with the subject yourself or find the ready-made one on the Internet, it will narrow down your search. You will save time and work only on the things you like.

Ask Your Teacher or Professor for Advice

Ask a person who has more experience in the field than you. Your professor may have a list of useful ideas worth your attention. You may also browse the topics previously used by students of your department, etc.

Research the Possible Topics

Pay attention to the points that are not deeply investigated in your educational program. Choose one of such topics for a more detailed investigation.

Search For Main Keywords

SEO is a wonderful tool for you. Just search for the keywords on the topic you are engaged in. Then, try different combinations of them. IT will help you find some unusual ideas.

Find a List of Similar Projects Online

You can not choose an exact topic from the list on the Internet. You are free to adjust it according to your requirements. Use the internet ideas as a base and give them a more personal approach.

You can also use a more high-level discipline – social sciences. You can search on the possible topics on it and also look through the sources dedicated to it.

120 Best Topics for Social Studies

Below you will find an extensive range of possible topics on social studies and social sciences. We divided them into several categories for your convenience.


  1. The impact of globalization and urbanization on cultural diversity.
  2. Requirements for effective international communication.
  3. Methods of reducing acculturation.
  4. Ethics in Eastern societies.
  5. African tribes cultural life.
  6. Connection between imperialism and cultural assimilation.
  7. The grounds for cultural assimilation in modern society.
  8. The cultural and historical significance of different languages.
  9. Why do certain cultures dominate over other ones?
  10. Cultural legacy of Indians.
  11. Ethnic costumes as a way to show cultural identity.


  1. The reasons the United States should have a single-party political system.
  2. Most effective electoral systems in the modern world.
  3. The signs of installing totalitarianism.
  4. The value of democratic society in the Western countries.
  5. The role of social networks in organizing political protests.
  6. Strikes and protests as the way of political pressure in the modern world.
  7. Media control as an element that shows the perpetuation of authoritarian societies.
  8. The role of business in elections.
  9. The reason for global democracy drop.
  10. The development of totalitarian regimes.

Gender studies

  1. The peculiarities of societies with the patriarchal structure.
  2. The changes in the social role of women.
  3. Social networks as a way of popularization of gender equality.
  4. The reason why some companies preferably hire men than women.
  5. How did family evolve in the 21st century?
  6. Which gender is more resistant to stress at the workplace?
  7. How does the definition of happiness vary in different genders?
  8. What is common and different in the worldview of men and women?
  9. The significance of family for every gender.
  10. The differences between social networks use by different genders.
  11. Are gender stereotypes present in the modern world?
  12. Non-traditional role of women.
  13. Radical feminism and its negative influence.
  14. Sex education as a school subject: pros and cons.
  15. Are women politicians a norm in different societies?


  1. Common elements of various religions.
  2. The impact of Indians religions on modern American society.
  3. Different forms of jihad in Islam.
  4. The connection between religion and conservatism.
  5. The influence of Buddhism on economic life.
  6. Does Islam promote violence?
  7. How does religion affect the economy and social life?
  8. The differences between different branches of Christianity.
  9. How do different religions influence the social life within one country?
  10. Is the role of religion underestimated in the modern world?
  11. Why should religion change the views on abortion?
  12. How does religiosity affect social development?

Study of Humanity

  1. The architectural heritage of ancient Egyptians.
  2. Transition from hunting to agriculture and its influence on boosting life quality.
  3. Ancient wedding ceremonies and their traits in modern societies.
  4. What are age-old traditions present in the modern world?
  5. Is national clothing still efficient in the 21st century?
  6. The importance and history of Stonehenge.
  7. The effectiveness of traditional medicine in the modern world.
  8. Ancient gift-giving and receiving traditions.
  9. The role of ritual masks in various cultures.
  10. The history of nudism.
  11. Historic roots of subcultural groups.
  12. The significance of cave drawings.


  1. The evidence of one origin of Anglo-Saxon languages.
  2. How did the Roman conquest change the history of the English language?
  3. Similar and different traits of Slavonic languages.
  4. The phenomenon of neologism.
  5. How does the use of slang reveal the social status?
  6. International words as a sign of globalization.
  7. Grammatical similarities in European languages.
  8. The grounds of dialect extinction.
  9. The influence of word order on sentences.
  10. Similarities in English and French vocabulary.
  11. What makes language untranslatable.
  12. Why is English chosen as a universal language in the world?
  13. The occurrence of English words in different languages and the consequences.
  14. Social factors that make language variety necessary.
  15. The connection between language and cultural identity.
  16. What functions does language have in society?


  1. How did the tourism sphere change during the pandemic?
  2. Is the transition to solar energy possible?
  3. How to tax international corporations properly?
  4. How do global environmental problems affect the economy?
  5. The impact of e-commerce on the modern economy.
  6. How did capitalism shape American society?
  7. The national standards and their influence on economics.
  8. The phenomenon of social network advertising.
  9. National debt in different countries.
  10. Effective ways to stop corruption globally.


  1. Should gun ownership policy be changed?
  2. Is the aggressive implementation of anti-pollution laws effective?
  3. How to create effective laws against cybercrimes?
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of making prostitution legal.
  5. Should the drinking age be higher in the US?
  6. Why should nuclear weapons be banned and utilized?
  7. Should teenage girls have a right to access abortion without letting their parents know?
  8. How does the law protect women from domestic violence?
  9. Death penalty cancellation pros and cons.
  10. The problem of illegal migrants and how the law treats it.
  11. Should gay marriages be banned?
  12. The regulation of child adoption by single-sex couples.


  1. The most efficient negotiation strategies.
  2. The main types of conflicts and the ways of their resolving.
  3. How to stop a conflict in its beginning?
  4. A compromise is a great tool for negotiations.
  5. The specifics of civil war.
  6. The peculiarities of the 21st-century diplomacy.
  7. The main stages of a conflict.
  8. Unfair negotiations and their consequences.
  9. How to manage conflicts in the workplace.
  10. Effective methods for group conflict resolving.
  11. The impact of civil war on society.
  12. Is the Third World War possible?
  13. The analysis of the US foreign policy.


  1. The portrayal of disabled people on social networks.
  2. How do social networks impact building teenage self-esteem?
  3. The connection between child obesity and bullying.
  4. How do social media contribute to teenage depression?
  5. Is poverty the issue of overpopulated countries?
  6. The most effective parenting styles for various social classes.
  7. The pros and cons of the feminist movement.
  8. The phenomenon of subcultures in the 21st century.
  9. The main reasons for a social movement.
  10. The negative influence of Greenpeace.
  11. How to change modern consumerist society?
  12. The main reasons for consumerism.
  13. The impact of social networks like Facebook and Twitter on political news.

We hope you selected a great research idea from our list.

Users Also Ask

What Are the 5 Fields of Social Studies?

Here are the 5 branches of social studies:

  • Geography. It studies people, places, and the environment.
  • History. Studies the record of past events.
  • Culture and Society. Investigates the beliefs, customs, and ways of life.
  • Civics and Government. It studies making and enforcing the laws and the ways people live.
  • Economics. It studies how people manage resources by producing, exchanging, and using products and services.

Conducting research on social studies is a demanding task, even for experienced students. If you are too tired or don’t have enough time for it, you may turn to another variant – getting help from professionals.

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