150 Exploratory Essay Topics And The Guide On Writing

exploratory essay topics

Exploratory essays are among the most demanding papers students need to deal with. This essay kind is not like any else. It is essential to realize the structural peculiarities to complete an excellent paper.

And it is also significant for a student to understand how to pick a topic correctly. It can be one of the most challenging parts of writing, but it defines success. We understand the students’ problems and are ready to help you as we have enough knowledge of this essay type. On this page, we are going to deal with picking a topic and provide over 150 various ideas. Let’s get started!

How to Pick a Great Topic?

How to pick subjects for exploratory papers? You can choose anything from a wide range of topics, and it only confuses most students. Not all of them understand the logic and steps on picking a topic. Here are a few things to keep in mind to pick a great idea.

Mind Your Area

As a rule, you have certain instructions to consider while dealing with a task. Look at the topic you are assigned to, mind the following steps. You can also be given an open assignment that is more difficult to make a decision on. But always make sure you read the assignment carefully and understand the main points.

Begin With a Broad Subject

If your teacher provided you with a category, this is your first step. If not, you should decide on a life sphere you are interested in exploring. It will be extremely helpful, and you won’t hesitate between various topics in different spheres. Here are a few examples of spheres to choose from:

  • family and marriage;
  • marketing;
  • art;
  • philosophy;
  • social sphere;
  • modern technologies;
  • health and sport.

Select a sphere you really want to investigate, and you have some expertise in.

Divide a Sphere into Narrower Subjects

After determining a broad category, you need to narrow up the topics to choose from. What do people usually discuss within this sphere? Determine the main subcategories. Here are a few examples for the family and marriage sphere:

  1. Divorce.
  2. Single-sex marriage.
  3. Interracial marriage.
  4. Raising children.
  5. Adopting children.
  6. Pets.

Here are 6 possible ideas for an exploratory essay. This gives you a solid basis to work on and perfect your further choices. For example, the topic, “How does having a pet influence a child’s personality traits?” will be appropriate.

Narrow Down Even More

After singling out the subcategories:

  1. Specify them even more.
  2. Have a closer look at each of them, and pick the one you are most interested in.
  3. Use your strong sides.

Moreover, topic relevance is another essential criterion to consider. Look through the news and media to see what subjects are trending. For instance, social networks and their impact are a topic everyone is talking about nowadays.

Pick an Appropriate Title

Eventually, decide on the title. Keep in mind the category you picked. Think of a headline you will be able to investigate effortlessly and find enough facts for conducting research on. Ensure you can support your points with valuable evidence from reliable sources.

150 Great Topics for an Exploratory Essay

Now you are aware of the key specifics of this type and know how to decide on a topic, and we offer a huge variety of topic ideas. Use them to make a faster and easier choice on any topic.


  1. Is adoption a great way to build a family?
  2. How does divorce influence kids?
  3. Children who grow in single families should get more support.
  4. Two employed parents influence families negatively.
  5. How to build a good relationship between siblings?
  6. What are the essential responsibilities of parents?
  7. What is the best age to get married?
  8. One-parent families and their influence on children.
  9. When is the best age to live separately?
  10. Is it essential to keep in contact with distant relatives?
  11. The main reasons for divorces in the United States.


  1. Do social networks invade privacy?
  2. Do social networks affect the ability to communicate through speaking?
  3. Video games and their impact on social skills of children.
  4. Does watching television lead to mental ability reduction?
  5. Autopilot cars and their influence on driving skills.
  6. Will technological advancements make us lazier in the future?
  7. How will artificial intelligence impact our future?
  8. Will technological advancements lead to an unemployment increase?
  9. Spheres that are the most influenced by VR.
  10. Are computers better teachers than people?


  1. Are drugs a reasonable form of medication?
  2. What is an image of a perfect body in the 21st century?
  3. The impact of celebrities on the body perception of teenagers.
  4. What are the advantages of everyday sports activities?
  5. Can sport become an addiction?
  6. What are the advantages of diets on physical and mental health?
  7. Ups and downs of smoking marijuana.
  8. The influence of retirement on physical and mental health.
  9. Some diets violate mental health barriers.
  10. How does health change while you are getting older?
  11. How to motivate children to live a healthy, active life?
  12. How emotions influence memory?
  13. Factors contributing to depression.
  14. Will the prohibition of fast food in educational institutions change the level of child obesity?
  15. Why do more people become allergic?
  16. The outcomes of unhealthy eating habits.


  1. Sport is significant for developing physical and emotional health.
  2. The influence of sport on world history.
  3. Why are particular kinds of sports prevalent in specific areas?
  4. How do professional sportsmen deal with psychological issues?
  5. What is more significant in doing sports – persistence or gift?
  6. How are a team and single sports different?
  7. The phenomenon of sportsmen becoming celebrities.
  8. How can an amateur become a professional sportsman?
  9. Should female and male sportsmen be treated equally?
  10. The significance of team sports for building strong relationships between people.


  1. Is Bitcoin a future?
  2. The development of the online gambling sphere.
  3. How can modern businessmen gain profit?
  4. Should taxes be equal for all companies?
  5. The development of Twitter.
  6. How did Amazon shape the e-commerce sphere?
  7. The phenomenon of IKEA.
  8. What are the risks of transferring from offline enterprise to e-commerce?
  9. Are investments in cryptocurrencies reasonable nowadays?
  10. What are the most significant points of running an online business in the 21st century?

Arts and Music

  1. The influence of classical music on mental health.
  2. Can music change our mood?
  3. How does music taste reveal our personality traits?
  4. How are emotions connected with music?
  5. Is music a universal language?
  6. Is music an effective form of therapy?
  7. How can we use music to socialize?
  8. Does listening to music influence newborn babies?
  9. The development of music since the 60s.
  10. Painting as a form of remedy for children with anger.

Global Problems

  1. What is the most significant global issue we face?
  2. Is the greenhouse effect serious?
  3. Can single governments resolve global issues, or do they need to cooperate with others?
  4. Ignoring world problems as a moral irresponsibility.
  5. How is air pollution affecting our planet?
  6. Can one person change the situation with a global problem?
  7. Why should endangered species be protected?
  8. Main reasons to reduce the use of paper.
  9. Pollution is coming to a critical point.
  10. Should oil and gas industries pay higher taxes?
  11. How to stop ocean contamination.
  12. Deforestation as the main environmental problem in Latin America.
  13. The influence of herbicides and pesticides on soils.

Social issues

  1. Gender inequality at the workplace.
  2. Double standards in the modern world.
  3. Is family as important in our lives as it was 50 years ago?
  4. Racism at the workplace. The best ways to stop it.
  5. Is teenage pregnancy a new normal?
  6. Do men still dominate in society?
  7. Interracial marriages and their social consequences.
  8. How to stop hate and bullying in social media.
  9. Preventing drugs and alcohol abuse.
  10. How do trends contribute to materialist society?
  11. Has the Internet replaced public life?
  12. Beauty standards: their impact on the young generation.


  1. Should higher education be available for all people?
  2. Should schools be cheaper?
  3. How to get ready for an exam efficiently?
  4. How does tea help you focus on studying?
  5. Is online studying as effective as traditional one?
  6. Should the usage of mobile phones be prohibited in educational institutions?
  7. Should education be more practical?
  8. Are single-sex schools effective for modern students?
  9. The main factors that influence your information perception while studying.
  10. Is the use of game methods suitable for high school students?
  11. How to teach children money management?
  12. What school are subjects not effective?
  13. Is homeschooling suitable for teenagers?
  14. The importance of homework.
  15. Does the education system in the US meet society’s needs?
  16. Can lack of education lead to social problems?


  1. How does culture impact eating habits?
  2. The importance of cultural identity.
  3. Is culture a political instrument nowadays?
  4. The relations between culture and religion.
  5. Culture in the US.
  6. The role of culture in the educational process.
  7. How does culture influence global business?
  8. Clothing and culture.
  9. The influence of globalization on the culture of young people.
  10. The role of culture in African American history.


  1. Different beliefs about the afterlife.
  2. The importance of religion among young people.
  3. Why are polytheistic religions less widespread?
  4. The key diversities between Buddhism and Confucianism.
  5. What are the advantages of religion for people’s lives?
  6. Is Islam violent?
  7. Why do religions worship various gods?
  8. Religion and abortion.
  9. Should religion be taught at schools?
  10. Is religion as important as it was 100 years ago?


  1. How did streaming websites like Netflix transform the way people watch films?
  2. Do actors earn too much money?
  3. Is cinema getting less popular because of the Internet?
  4. Theater or cinema. Which one is better?
  5. What is a perfect film length?
  6. Should children watch cartoons only?
  7. Should the age for watching violent films be higher?
  8. How do films mirror society?
  9. The dangers of adult films?
  10. Are film awards still relevant?


  1. The outcomes of Brexit.
  2. How long is the conflict in Eastern Ukraine going to last?
  3. Do totalitarian societies still exist in the 21st century?
  4. The difference between presidential and parliamentary republic.
  5. Which electoral system is the most effective in the world?
  6. The specifics of civil wars.
  7. The influence of social movements on political life.
  8. How does social media influence politicians?
  9. Is having a Twitter account a must-have for a modern politician?
  10. Pros and cons of drug legalization.
  11. Should the death penalty be canceled?
  12. The specifics of democracy in different countries.
  13. Effective ways of protecting civil rights.
  14. Black Lives Matter and its influence on the US government.

Answers to the Popular Questions

What Is an Exploratory Essay?

Exploratory essays aim at gathering facts to answer a certain question. But finding an exact answer is not the purpose of this type. The main point is to gather, share valuable information on the topic with the readers.

Don’t Have Time for Completing an Assignment?

An exploratory essay aims to give facts on a certain topic, not to convince or provide advice. To pick a great topic, you should realize how your essay works. You should investigate a specific topic, event, or viewpoint. Such research can take much time and energy. Exploratory essays are rather demanding to deal with.

If you lack the time or hesitate to be talented in dealing with it, we are ready to offer you a helping hand. You may get expert help with any academic writing assignment on our website. We will select a strong subject for your research, or if you already have one, we will conduct an excellent research one. Our experienced writers will craft a unique assignment according to all your needs. Make an order right now, and don’t worry about your assignment anymore.

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