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Problems And Solutions Essay

We all have to solve many problems during our daily routine. Some of them are small and easy. Other ones require a comprehensive approach. The article explains how to deliver the problem-solving information significantly and convince your audience of the correctness of your judgment. The detailed guide will assist you in crafting your problem-solution essay from scratch and use these recommendations in further paperwork performance in a similar genre.

Problem-Solution Essays: Definition, Advantages, and Distinctive Features

Problem-solution essays, also known as proposing solutions or proposal essays, are the paperwork that informs a reader about a specific problem and offers the actions that could solve it. These types of essays are widespread in different fields of life, e.g., business, government, education. Scientists use the scientific approach, political and social scientists solve governmental and social issues, educationalists are responsible for studying, etc. 

Problem-solving depends on the attitude to the issue. It trains critical and argumentative thinking, originality, and inventiveness. It allows considering the problem from different angles and within a new context. 

The purpose of this essay is to persuade the readers of the correctness of reasoning. Hence, an author should express sensitivity to the readers. A writer must do a task: explain the hardpan of the question to the readers, crafting a plan, and convincing them of its reasonability.

Any carefully written problem-solution essay has the following distinctive features:

  • problem framing: readers should understand the problem, get to the root of it, realize its importance; 
  • offered relief: a writer should propose a reasonable solution of a well-shaped problem;
  • Convincing argument: while a problem may have various approaches, an author should convince the audience that the proposed solution is the most reasonable. The listeners should realize its effectiveness, feasibility, advantages between other theories;  
  • Tolerable tone: a writer should predict all possible concerns of the audience and do his best to bridge the gaps, exposing respect, understanding, and competence to make all doubts vanish. Any pressure, psychological attacks are strictly inappropriate.

Problems-solution essays may look similar to position essays since these both analyze a subject and offer measurements to stand on. They both are persuading listeners with the evidence and reasoning provided. However, proposals are more forcing. A proposal essay aims to make the readers supporting a policy or an action which suppose a conflict initially.

Problems and Solution Essay: Preparation

Specialists of various fields wrote problems and solution essays on purpose. If this type of essay is a task for students, they should start selecting the right topic. To choose it:

  1. Start with thinking about the issues that bother you the most. The pic of your choice is the one that you can do better than it is. The topics for students are extensively broad and may relate to school life, native city inhabitants, club life and entertainment, sports, hobbies, etc. For adult students, more vexed problems would be appropriate. E.g., race conflicts, cultural differences, drugs, legal weapons, and many more.
  2. Cogitate if you have enough arguments to convince your audience. Make a plan and point out each solution. If you experience a lack of proof points, perhaps you need to choose other topics for discussion.

Choose the topic thoroughly. If your theme is too broad, you risk exceeding the allowed amount of words or poorly illuminate the problem and solution. Best of all is narrowing it to a particular group of people or a case. You may frame it to a question.

Try to see if you have enough to say on the following matters:

  • problem description;
  • convincing the reader that the problem is meaningful;
  • explaining the proposal and providing evidence;
  • riddling objections.

The core steps of your problem-solution essay are:

  • captivating the interest of your reader;
  • persuading the reader that the represented problem is meaningful and requires a solution;
  • explanation of the solution in details;
  • persuading the reader that the proposed solution is applicable and cost-efficient;
  • convincing the audience that your proposal is better than other ones.

The core point of the essay is your ideal problem solution argument. An efficient solution should be vindicable, demonstrate a remunerative approach, and easy implementation.

Problem solution arguments or twelve ways to solve a problem

A solution argument is the core of your judgment and the following actions. There are twelve ways to solve a problem. Here is the list of them that you can use for its determination:

  1. Complete it with something. Some problems appear due to lack of resources and vanish promptly after investments, fulfilling the manufacture with additional equipment, or increasing staff. 
  2. Withdraw something. In some situations, one person or thing may cause many problems. The best solution is removing the source of irritation, e.g., retire a scandalous team member, or get rid of a frozen computer.
  3. Teach. Some obstacles take place due to poor education, which makes people disoriented as a result. The best decision is to provide more information or training program implementation. E.g., uprising the level of professionals, advertising anti-drug programs, etc.
  4. Introduce new regulations. When regulating measures become ineffective, exceed the time limit, develop new ones to solve the problem. E.g., review the dress code, close the smoking room, etc.
  5. Force the submission of the rules. When the regime is adequate, but a negligent attitude destroys the order, affects productivity, and leads to other problems, enforcing the measures can be helpful. E.g., the calls from the school board to parents when a student skips lessons; additional working days for being persistently late at work.
  6. Choose a more efficient approach. If management does not work as it should, you may need to implement the correction to get better results. For instance, hold the meetings on Monday morning instead of Friday evening to engage more people; make lessons more friendly to motivate students to learn.
  7. Use motivation. Most of us can distinguish the right things from bad ones, but they do not always follow the right path. An emotional appeal may save the situation and turn it to better changes, e.g., anti-drugs or ani smoking advertisements, the advantages of various studying programs, etc.
  8. Be a creator. When the old order does not bring the desired effect, most handy techniques appeared unsuccessful, offer something innovative. Offer new cost-effective equipment because nothing old works well. E.g., build free training enclosure to uprise the interest of youths in the sport.
  9. Reach a compromise. When opposite sides create a conflictual situation that sucks the development or production, offer ways to reach an agreement that will be mutually convenient, e.g., commercial transactions between different countries, concord about the interest rate.
  10. Design a universal solution. Sometimes the preliminary correctives are not flexible enough and do not work well as a result. If people follow the COVID-19 quarantine measurements because they do not want to pay high taxes, suggest high tax implementation to tuberculosis patients on housebound.
  11. Change the leader. If a person has become illiquid or can not perform the duty, give the go-ahead for someone else with forcing ambitions and brighter perspectives. For instance, all nationals do it each time when they choose a new President of the country.
  12. Reconsider the attitude. In particular situations, our minds create problems by themselves, although it is not a problem intrinsically. Try to reconsider the occurrence and change your attitude to it. E.g., open a modern firm in a town and search for customers on the Internet. There is no reason to complain about the inability to create a business in a city.

These twelve ways of problem-solving can help you to craft a plan before you start writing your essay.

Structure of a problem-solution essay

A problem-solution essay should have a proper structure. It does not differ much from other paperwork and includes three classic parts: introduction, body chapter, and a conclusion. Let’s observe which content each of them supposes.


Here a writer should introduce the problem to the readers and demonstrate why it needs a solution. The nuances of the introduction:

  • for unrevealed trouble, provide a detailed description;
  • ordinary issue support with a vivid image;
  • emphasize the importance of the problem for both cases.

To demonstrate an introduction interestingly:

  • tell a true-life case related to the obstacle;
  • provide a personal experience;
  • create a fictional story imagining «what will happen if»;
  • provide statistical data that explains the danger of the situation;
  • support your telling with facts, some TV programs, books may also emphasize the importance of the problem;
  • draw the engrossing of the problem within time or obstacles.

An introduction sounds impressive when you frame the problem in the introductory part and returning to it in conclusion. Fulfill it with details. These stimulate imagination and help to create a vivid picture. 

Finish your introduction with a thesis statement, asking a question, or proposing a solution that you intend to prove within the entire paperwork. It should be precise in one sentence length, come up after the problem description. 

Body chapter

The body paragraphs may include three or more parts with the following meaning according to the content:

  • a detailed explanation of a solution including the influential ones that impacted the decision making;
  • people involved in the changes or funders;
  • feasibility of the implementation of the changes;
  • a vivid example of how the solution works in practice (studies, logical arguments, etc.).

The body chapters are the most meaningful part. Hence, highlight that you can 

  • solve the problem cost-efficiently; 
  • provide a reasonable way out of the situation;
  • show the preference of the particular solution among other ones;
  • confute possible objections.

To empower a convincing argument, consider the objections and build up a gradual repulsing using arguments or evidence.


To finalize correctly all said in your essay, use your thesis statement and prove that a solution is correct. Usually, it takes one part only, but depending on the content, it may take two. A conclusion may include:

  • future review and observing the situation after the implementation of the plans;
  • showing the particular example of the provided solution or its scenario;
  • delivering persuading facts, statistical data, or evidence of experts on the result of the measurements.

Pay attention to the tone of speaking in your essay. It should be adequate, persuading, captivating, and objective. Since your purpose is to convince, pronouns «we,» «you,» in the first and third person are appropriate. When writing, try to predict the reaction of the audience. Captivate as many people as possible, not only those who agree but can not help.

Methods of persuading the audience

For an impressive problem-solving proposal, try to settle a close connection with your audience. Get as much information about people as possible about their views, beliefs, and dogma. Try to answer yourself:

  • What kind of actions do you expect from them after reading your essay?
  • How do your beliefs differ from theirs?

Estimate all possible needs and values, e.g., basic requirements, state of health, financial status, society interrelation, level of self-esteem and respect toward others, ambitions, etc. Measuring all these factors will help to get a complete picture of your listeners and operate with your facts correctly.

To persuade the audience:

  • express that you care about the trouble;
  • mention the resources or groups that can help in solving the problem;
  • if you can offer several matchable way-outs, include them all yet highlighting the most efficient one.

You can follow one of three generals accepted techniques of convincing.

  • ethos (includes ethical appeal);
  • logos (supposes logical approach);
  • pathos (relates to the emotional side of the problem).

Each of these techniques is efficient. The analysis of the audience described above will help to choose the most appropriate one.

Representing a problem-solution essay in public, consider body language as a part of your persuading strategy. Over half of interpersonal communication is non-speech. Do your best to speak courageously, avoiding cramping-ups. Try to make eye contact with your listeners. Relax during your speech and use expansive gestures. The video recording task releases the nervousness, which giving a monologue may cause. You have a limitless amount of attempts to record it until you get the needed result.

Speak confidently yet avoid any pressure. Let people make their own decisions by themselves. Dilute the monologue with a joke, mimics, flashy visuals, and smile if the content allows it. Getting close friendly contact with listeners will significantly increase your chances of winning their approval.

Example of a Problem-Solution Essay

Here is an example of the problem-solution essay on the topic «Ways of reducing traffic jams.»

Waiting in the middle of the road hours along is intolerable. Except for the frustrating feeling, it causes tardiness at work or study. Caused by the overwhelming amount of cars moving simultaneously and in the same direction, they lead to frequent car accidents. What are the ways of decreasing traffic jams? There are several ones: the first way is carpooling, the second one is public transport. Carpooling reduces the traffic jam only in half because you will have to use a car anyway. Using public vehicles is more efficient, economical, and reliable is using public transport.

Public transport is convenient because many people move in one vehicle which doesn’t overburden the road. Trains are even more effective because they accommodate even more people and move fast. A passenger can devote the journey time for leisure since there is no necessity to stay focused on the road. These advantages make people use public transport extensively, especially in peak-activity hours.

Another benefit of public transport is a significant economy. Public vehicles are cheap compared to the expenses for parking, car insurance and maintenance, and gasoline. Besides, the urban transit services administration offers various discount programs for students and seniors. These points engage many people to use buses and trains.

And the last essential argument for public transport is reliability. The times tables do not change. These are stable, and passengers can make plans.  

Although carpools are another way out to solve the problem of traffic jams, it is only temporary. When a car sharer changes the schedule, the carpool schedule needs corrections as well. People who use urban transport estimate its convenience and priority.

Due to convenience, affordance, and reliability, urban transport is the best measure to reduce traffic jams. As a result, people get to offices and schools on time and in a good mood that inspires them for work instead of the frustrating feeling they get while waiting in the line of cars. Strict timetables provided by public transport keep people organized. With many advantages for passengers, public transport solves the problem of traffic jams completely.

Professional Assistance

Writing a problem and solution essay may appear to be a tedious and time-consuming process. Students without any writing experience often spend days long but may not get the desired grade. Students and workers who are interested in the perfect result within a short time need support. 

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  • free editing.

Giving your task to our experts guarantees exceptionally correct work. So if you plan to impress your professor or boss, contacting us is the right solution.

Those who tried to write a problem and solution essay but failed should use the opportunity to order the work from professional writers for two reasons. First of all, you will save your grade and won’t flunk the exam. Secondly, you will get the correct variant of your work, which you can use as a template for further attempts. You will be more skilled and experienced next time and will surely be luckier.

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