Annotated Bibliography: Topics And Ideas From Experts

Writing an annotated bibliography can raise many students’ questions as different writing styles need to be applied to a given paper. The text must be written as accurately as possible, adhering to the rules of style. Even though it is challenging to get the job done, you can practice your quick analysis skills, thorough research, think outside the box, and objectively evaluate. So, let’s take a closer look at this type of work.

Annotated bibliography – What’s that?

An annotated bibliography is a unique document where you need to list the sources in chronological order. Based on the order in which you posted quotes, you must transfer them to the general list. To create a successful paper, you need to follow several essential steps:

  • to search for sources and list citations written in a scientific work that contains useful and essential information for the article;
  • to arrange all sources in a single style;
  • to write a short annotation in which you will collect all thoughts together.

Annotated bibliography – Examples

Below you will find examples of annotated bibliography. We recommend that you study in detail those examples required for your article and write them down as a template for future similar work. All styles are very different from each other. One style evaluates the source, another style summarizes the source’s content, and the third style describes the importance of the source. Sometimes you can combine styles. So that you understand how to do it correctly, study the requirements and examples.

APA style – Examples of Annotated bibliography

Social science students most commonly use the APA style. Using this style, you need to summarize the source’s content and rate the book on specific criteria. Consider an example:

Louise May Alcott “Little Women”

“Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy are four sisters who live in Concord, Massachusetts. The book describes one year of the March family’s life, but so much will happen in that year. The sisters will get to know their neighbor Laurie, and he will become their reliable friend. Laurie’s teacher Mr. Brooke will love Meg, and they will be engaged. The publisher will accept Joe’s manuscript. The girls ‘dad, Mr. March, will get very sick, and the girls’ mother will go to his hospital. Beth will pick up scarlet fever and barely survive. However, after all the tests, the beloved father will finally return home, and the whole family will gather by the fireplace in the evening.

This novel became very popular right after its publication and is still considered the most famous American book for young people. One of the book’s popularity is that it is filled to the brim with simple family happiness, unfortunately becoming rarer today. To love your neighbor, you need to forget about your needs more often. The life of the March family is an example of this old truth.

MLA style – Examples of Annotated bibliography

Students most often use the MLA style to write a humanities article. Using the MLA style, you need to write three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, you describe the plot. In the second paragraph, you are evaluating the book. In the third paragraph, you talk about how important the book is in the modern world. Let’s consider an example:

Salinger, Jerome David – “The Catcher in the Rye”

“The author wrote the Catcher in the Rye novel in the first person. The main storyteller is a sixteen-year-old teenager. He is born into a fairly common Holden Caulfield family. However, the guy is always looking for his place globally, even though he will fail.

Style is a lyric novel. The volume of the story is small and easy to read. However, the plot is simple, and there is nothing unexpected. Also, the author applied a technique – an internal replacement of an external plot. The novel’s events revolve around one hero, and the whole plot is focused only on him.

The book is essential for the modern world, as it contains many critical points that teenagers face. The book can serve as a lesson on how to cope with difficulties and find your purpose.”

Chicago style – Examples of Annotated bibliography

Chicago style will suit any theme. It is quite simple and requires only a brief description of the plot from you. Let’s consider an example:

“The Little Prince” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“This is a very touching story about the Little Prince, which tells about the importance of friendship, responsibility, and love. It is this fairy tale that reflects all these important aspects of human life. In this work, Saint-Exupery describes the problems that plague all people on planet Earth. The most basic idea in fairy tales is the search for the meaning of life. This is what our main character, the Little Prince, is doing, traveling to different planets.”

Top Annotated Bibliography Topics

Since you are very familiar with how to leave the paper, you can move on to choosing a topic. The process of selecting a topic can seem complicated, so take advantage of our ideas.

Psychology Topics

  1. Can people stop bullying?
  2. How to deal with depression during the loss of a loved one?
  3. What are the difficulties between children and adults?
  4. Can animals feel that you feel bad?
  5. What is special about Neo-Freudianism?

Nursing Topics

  1. How to choose patient care?
  2. Why is it necessary to be positive when talking to cancer patients?
  3. How to choose care for the elderly?
  4. Why should a nurse attend a psychology course?
  5. How to get care of pregnant women?

Education Topics

  1. Which teaching method is best for students: traditional or modern?
  2. Why is it forbidden for teachers to educate students with aggression, as some guardians do?
  3. How do you develop educational skills to excel in your subjects?
  4. Why is homeschooling so popular now?
  5. In the 21st century, are students advanced or not?

Extraordinary Topics

  1. Do people need to do more weekends?
  2. Why should students be given the right to choose their subjects?
  3. What is the benefit or harm of homework?
  4. Is character or beauty more critical in a person?
  5. Why did students stop reading books in libraries?

FAQ About Annotated Bibliography

What are good topics for an annotated bibliography?

It would help if you chose topics for annotated bibliography based on specialty or subject.

What is the easiest way to write an annotated bibliography?

To make writing an annotated bibliography easier, you need to choose an appropriate style that specifies all the requirements for how the paper should look.

What are the 3 parts of an annotated bibliography?

In an annotated bibliography, you can write three parts: the summary of the book, the evaluation of the book, the relevance for the modern world.

What can you learn from an Annotated Bibliography?

From an annotated bibliography, you can get the gist of the cited source.

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